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Topnotch Locksmith


Topnotch Locksmith is a mobile locksmith service that provides a complete range of locksmith services to homes and business throughout the Livonia,MI area and beyond. From general service and repairs to existing locks we also offer the supply and installation of new locks to both residential and commercial clients alike.

All workmanship and products are guaranteed and we pride ourselves on offering outstanding value for money, quality locks and a personal service which is second to none. We offer a genuine 24 hour emergency locksmith service.

Mega Construction Projects


Topnotch Locksmith is a trade association which provides a range of services and support to its members. The Guild prides itself in the active involvement of its locksmiths members to promote and develop the craft of locksmithing through cooperation, mutual education and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. The Guild plays a further role by representing the interests of our locksmith members in dealing with suppliers and regulatory and/or legislative bodies. Together with our members we aim to ensure that our members maintain the highest possible ethical standards.


  • A locksmith must, of course, learn the basics of being a locksmith. The locksmith must learn the tools necessary, the machines used, the locks and systems on the market, ke

  • Teaching the locksmith craft can begin at a very young age. When a child has an interest in the mechanics of things, in how things fit together and how they come apart, it